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We offer several complete secure ticketing solutions online or offline depending on your needs. Our solutions cover multiple ticket entries, all types of tickets (electronic or paper), and can operate in any location with or without internet after you have set up your phones for the event. We promote your event on our site. For all solutions, we offer a technical service support.


You are organizing an event and you want safe tickets printed on paper, we are here to help you. Create your event on our site, personalize your ticket and order as many tickets as you want. We deliver the tickets printed on paper and arranged in pads by express postal service in the coming days. You then download our Android application to your phone and configure it for your event. You can have as many phones configured by points of sale of your tickets. Scan your tickets every time you sell them otherwise they will be denied entry on the day of the show. Follow the phone sales process of each of your points of sale directly with your phone. During the event show, use the phones configured to validate the tickets at the entrance. Live monitor on your phone the attendees check-in process, the statistics of tickets denied or not scanned during the sale.


It combines Standard and Online Sales solutions. Here are the options:

Online pre-sale: you can put all the tickets in advance on the website until a date that you will fix. Then you sell the rest of the tickets printed on paper.

Partial online sale: you can put certain types of tickets for exclusive online sale and other types for paper printed tickets. This option can be combined with online pre-sale.


We can help you controling access to your political, professional or private meetings, congresses or ceremonies. Contact us and we will make an offer tailored to your needs. We have a team of technicians at your service. You have a big event or you are a manager of a theater and you want to have your own secure network, our professional team will handles the configuration of all your terminals and moves on site to install all the necessary equipment and a secure private network.

You do not have enough phones to cover an event? We can rent you some phones and configure them for your event.